Admissions Policy


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Admissions and Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Limits for the Academic Year

The Board shall set limits on the numbers of students to be enrolled in each grade for the upcoming school year by March 1. The numbers shall not be less than the number of students in each grade who have reenrolled by the February 1.

Current Enrollment Preference

Students who are enrolled and attending school are given first preference for enrollment in the following Academic Year. This enrollment preference is granted according to the following reenrollment requirements.

Re-enrollment Requirements

Students who were enrolled and attending prior to February 1, must file re-enrollment forms by February 1, (or sooner) to guarantee their enrollment for the upcoming Academic Year. Students who enrolled and began attending on or after February 1, and those previously- enrolled students who did not file their re-enrollment forms by the February 1 deadline – can only guarantee their enrollment for the upcoming Academic Year if they file their re- enrollment forms before all the seats authorized by the Board for the upcoming Academic Year are filled.

Sibling Preference

Siblings of students enrolled and attending the school prior to February 1 will be guaranteed enrollment in the upcoming Academic Year if they are pre-enrolled by February 1.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment will begin in March and will be advertised through a variety of media sources (e.g., newspaper ads, radio advertisements, door-to-door flyer canvassing, newsletters sent to existing families, and direct mailings) in an effort to inform residents of all demographic areas of the community. If on the application deadline date the number of applicants per grade level exceeds the number of seats, a lottery drawing will be held for those grade levels. The lottery drawing places children in order for possible enrollment into the school, if other spaces are available. If a lottery is necessary, it shall take place at a public location. All parties will have the opportunity to be present during the lottery process and will be notified seven (7) days in advance of the date, time and location of the lottery. All parents of children selected in the lottery will be notified of the selection by certified mail. Parents will have up to seven (7) days from receipt of the certified mail to enroll their child. If a parent does not respond within seven (7) days of receipt of the certified mail, the School will select the next child from the lottery in the order the child’s name was drawn. Any students wishing to enroll after the lottery is held will be placed at the bottom of the lottery waiting list on a first come first serve basis.

First-Come-First-Selected After Open Enrollment

Following the open enrollment period, students will then be accepted for admittance on a first-come- first-selected basis. Sibling preference will be extended to all selection groups based on availability in the associated grades.

 Applications Processing

All applications will be time and date stamped. Applications received via mail will be stamped in the order received and opened. Applications received after the May 31, deadline will automatically be slotted for selection in the first-come-first-selected basis category following completion of the lottery. They will then be admitted based on classroom availability and time/date stamp.

Enrollment Policy

The Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (“School”) has a statewide open enrollment policy permitting enrollment from any school or district in the State of Ohio. However, the students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade will be drawn generally from the school district in which the School is located. The School will enroll students from outside the local city school district only when seats are still available. Residence is a place where important family activity takes place during the significant part of each day; a place where the family eats, sleeps, works, relaxes and plays. It must be a place, in short, which can be called “home”. One cannot establish a residence merely by purchasing/leasing a house or an apartment or even by furnishing such a house or apartment so that it is suitable for the owner’s use. No single factor is determinative; residency will be established by the totality of the circumstances. The following documents can be used to establish proof of residency for verification of a child’s ability to enroll in our school. These items must be current, be in the parent’s name, and include a street address. A post office box address cannot be used to validate residency records:

Voter registration card
Lease agreement
Mortgage statement
Utility statement
Bank statement
Rent receipt
Residency Affidavit


All custody or court orders pertaining to the family or student must be turned in when asked, or at admission. If the School and parent disagree as to residency status, the Regional Vice President    shall determine the student classification for enrollment purposes. If our School and the student’s home district (district of residency) disagree about residency, this policy shall prevail. In such a case, parents may be asked to provide additional information in order to resolve the dispute; however, the school is not obligated to ask for additional information based on other public schools’ policies. If transportation is being provided by the student’s resident/home district, then that home district may require reasonable additional proof of residency within the bounds of the law and its own policies.