CASSA Earns Top Mark in Cleveland for Value-Added Academic Progress

Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy ranked No. 1 in the Cleveland Municipal School District on the state’s Value-Added score, which is a measure of academic progress.  CASSA’s Performance Index score of 78.6 also beat the Cleveland average by 43%, placing it in the top 20 of all schools in Cleveland for overall performance.  CASSA’s Performance Index and Progress scores have now outpaced the Cleveland District for four straight years.

CASSA’s “A” Progress grade indicates students achieved academic growth exceeding the expectations of the Ohio Department of Education. CASSA was one of less than 6% of Cleveland district schools to receive an “A” grade.  CASSA is managed by ACCEL Schools, which manages more than 25 charter schools in Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, and Colorado.

“The outstanding performance of CASSA in the Value-Added score demonstrates the value of ACCEL’s transformative approach to education,” says CASSA’s Head of School Debroah Mays.  “We set high standards for all our students, regardless of where they start academically. Our results demonstrate the value of school choice and charter schools. And as a charter school, we have the ability to partner with the local community and develop an educational approach that meets the needs of our students.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of CASSA and its students,” says ACCEL CEO Ron Packard. “Their success shows that when you have the right combination of resources and dedicated professionals who set a culture of achievement, a school can make measurable strides faster than many people may think. It’s remarkable that CASSA performed at this level while spending approximately half of the average Cleveland public schools expenditures.”

CASSA serves low-income families in Cleveland, with 100% of its students qualifying for the state’s free lunch program.

The K-8 school strives to achieve academic excellence by investing in partnerships with students, community and home.  CASSA’s teachers and staff meet students where they are and move them to higher levels of performance by focusing on the entire child and using a holistic approach, embracing the motto, “Failure is not an option.”

CASSA has been recognized in the past for its academic achievements. Prior to the current rating, CASSA had ranked in the top 3% in value-added growth in Ohio for three consecutive years.  It also ranked No. 1 among all community charter schools and 9th overall among all Ohio schools in a Battelle for Kids report, which analyzed 671 schools in Ohio for value added education in 2014.  Ninety-five percent of CASSA’s third graders are proficient in reading, and 90% are accelerated or advanced.

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