Staff Directory

Mrs. Debroah Mays, Head of School

Mrs. Mays, a native of Rochester, New York became Head of School for Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (CASSA) in 2007. In July of 2011, Mrs. Mays was promoted to the role of Regional Vice President for the charter school management organization that manages CASSA, which is now ACCEL Schools; however she continues in her capacity as the Head of School and instructional leader of CASSA.  She brings a wealth of colorful experiences that make her a strong Regional Vice President. She currently holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Learning and Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  She has previously served as a School Principal and an Associate Vice President of an Employment and Training Consulting Firm.  In addition, she has taught Math and Language Arts in an urban setting.  Her expertise in areas of counseling, public relations and academic administration provides a plethora of knowledge in all aspects of leadership.  She has six years of experience counseling and advising students and parents on the academic process, six years of providing academic instruction, five years in training and development, and five years facilitating support groups for individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Mrs. Debroah Mays Regional Vice President/Head of School Administrative Corridor
Ms. Chevon Flenory Parent Liaison Administrative Corridor
Ms. Jacqueline Johnson Food Service Director/Receptionist Administrative Corridor
Mrs. Andrea Krysiak Director of Academics 320
Mr. Vida Special Education Coordinator 119
Ms. Kelley Special Education Instructor 121
Mr. Starlin Maintenance 133
Ms. Simmons Food Service Kitchen – 134
Ms. Tomko Early Kindergarten Teacher 216
Ms. Willard Kindergarten Teacher 213
Ms. McKenna Kindergarten Teacher 214
Ms. Young 1st Grade Teacher 219
Ms. Knight 1st Grade Teacher 220
Ms. Doss 2nd Grade Teacher 228
Ms. Cleveland 3rd Grade Teacher 237
Ms. Mellinger 3rd Grade Teacher 238
Mrs. Cruz-Price 4th Grade Teacher 313
Ms. Freeman 5th Grade Teacher 314
Mr. Bittala Social Studies Teacher, Grades 6-8 317
Mr. Fons 6th – 8th Grade Teacher 331
Ms. Poole ELA Teacher, Grades 6-8 313
Ms. Bufford Music Teacher 317
Mr. Barresi Art Teacher 319
Mr. Nowden Dance Teacher 217