Vision & Mission


Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (CASSA) was founded on the simple convictions that a first-rate education is the birthright of every individual; and that every child should be challenged to reach his or her full potential. Our vision is to provide a public K-8 educational opportunity which meets the needs of unique students in the Greater Cleveland Area. We strive to ensure that every student is empowered with the skills, direction and character to pursue excellence in their lives and careers, and play effective roles in their families and communities. To help these Ohio students achieve their potential in preparation to support a diverse community, Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy weaves together research-based best practices in education with community partnerships for labs, service opportunities, and skill development through a comprehensive career and early college program – a true village approach to preparing and integrating our youth.


Our mission is to surpass the global standards of academic excellence by investing in partnerships with our students, community and home environments in order to encourage the development of creativity and self-direction.  Through the cooperative efforts of the school community, students will develop the knowledge, responsibility and positive self-concept needed to become effective citizens in our ever-changing and multicultural world.