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A. Cory McDaniel

Head of School

A. Cory McDaniel brings a fresh new perspective for CASSA. Being locally grown, he was born and raised in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 2002 and then soon graduated from Bowling Green State University. After spending 10 years as a Financial Consultant and Educator, his love for children and his desire to properly educate them brought him back to education. He initially began teaching 1st Grade and with the successes he achieved in and outside the classroom, he quickly became Principal. One of his greatest achievements was being able to establish a successful school culture and increasing academic performance. He brings compassion and empathy while maintaining strict discipline to drive academic excellence. He is so excited to meet each and every one of his Scholars and their Families.

Tonya Simmons

Office Manager

  • Mr. McDaniel

    Head of School
  • Mrs. Simmons

    Office Manager/Parent Liaison
  • Ms. Loyd

    Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Strother

  • Ms. Pam

  • Mr. White

    Food Services
  • Boardroom

    Conference Room
  • School Store

    Cougar Center
  • Ms. Vaden

    Title 1 Aide
  • Mrs. Bell

    Early Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. McKenna

    Kindergarten Teacher (A)
  • Miss Dillow

    Kindergarten Teacher (B)
  • Miss Hilyard

    First Grade Teacher
  • Miss Young

    First Grade Teacher
  • Miss Edmonds

    Elementary Aide
  • Miss Jackson

    Dance Teacher
  • Ms. Denton

    Second Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Doksa

    Third Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Panasyuk

    Third Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Cruz-Price

    Fourth Grade Teacher, ELA/SCI
  • Mr. Standberry

    Fifth Grade Teacher, S.S./Math
  • Ms. Zetzer

    Title 1 Reading
  • Mrs. White

    Technology Teacher
  • Mrs. Mullins-Thomas

    Art Teacher
  • Mr. Vida

    SPED Teacher
  • Ms. Kelley

    SPED Teacher
  • Miss Washington

    SPED Teacher: One-on-One
  • Miss Poole

    Middle School ELA
  • Miss Rovnyak

    Middle School Science
  • Mr. Williams

    Middle School Math
  • Mr. Nowden

    Behavior Intervention Specialist