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Our team of educators is dedicated to serving students, families, and our community.

Weekly Update

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A. Cory McDaniel

Head of School

Tonya Simmons

Office Manager

  • Mr. McDaniel

    Head of School
  • Mrs. Simmons

    Office Manager/Parent Liaison
  • Ms. Loyd

    Administrative Assistant
  • Ms. Eikenberry

    Director of Academics
  • Mr. Nowden

    Behavior Intervention Specialist
  • Mr. Vida

    Intervention Specialist
  • Ms. Kelley

    Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. Strother

  • Ms. Pam

  • Mr. White

    Food Services
  • Miss Chalk

    Early Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. McKenna

    Kindergarten Teacher (A)
  • Miss Dillow

    Kindergarten Teacher (B)
  • Miss Hilyard

    First Grade Teacher
  • Miss Young

    First Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Panasyuk

    Second Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Denton

    Second Grade Teacher
  • Miss Obney

    Third Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Doksa

    Third Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Dimeolo

    Fourth Grade Teacher, Social Studies/Math
  • Mrs. Cruz-Price

    Fifth Grade Teacher, ELA/Science
  • Mr. Rutledge

    Sixth Grade Teacher - HR
  • Miss Poole

    Middle School ELA
  • Mr. Rampe

    Middle School Social Studies
  • Mr. Wilson

    Middle School Math
  • Miss Jackson

    Dance Teacher
  • Mrs. Mullins-Thomas

    Art Teacher
  • Ms. Zetzer

    Title 1 Reading
  • Ms. Kelley

    K-5 Intervention Specialist
  • Mr. Vida

    Middle School Intervention Specialist
  • Mr. Harrison

    Instructional Aide
  • Miss C Jackson

    One-on-One Instructional Aide
  • Mr. Moses