Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (CASSA) has a school culture and climate that is built around the motto “Raising children together.” In order to successfully raise children, CASSA sets high expectations for student success academically. Parents, teachers, staff members, and scholars work together to ensure academic achievement. CASSA has achieved academic success through uniform scheduling, rigorous curriculum, and data analysis for the creation and implementation of individualized student achievement plans.

Core Subjects

Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy is structured around academics. Scholars in early kindergarten through third grade receive 120 minutes of English Language Arts, 90 minutes of Mathematics, 60 minutes of Science, and 90 minutes of Social Studies daily. Scholars in fourth through eighth grade receive 90 minutes of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies instruction from specialized teachers. CASSA instruction follows the “I Do, We Do, You Do” format for gradual release of responsibility. Each class provides scholars with the opportunity for test preparation by beginning the lesson with a Problem of the Day and ending with an Exit Ticket.

Language Arts

Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy strives for all scholars to be successful readers and writers. CASSA utilizes research-based curriculum to support the needs of scholars: StarFall (early kindergarten), Open Court Reading (K-5), Prentice Hall (6-8). Supplemental curriculum resources, Triumph Learning, Ready Reading and Writing, and Collections, are utilized within the classrooms to meet the needs of individual scholars. Daily Five is utilized on Tuesdays and Thursdays for differentiation in the classroom and to help provide reading and writing consistency.


CASSA utilizes a combination of Saxon Math curriculum with supplemental curriculum: Triumph Learning, Go Math!, Ready Math, and Envision 2.0, to provide differentiated mathematics instruction. Mathematics instruction designates specific instructional time for fact practice, problem-solving, and critical thinking. CASSA is concentrating on providing scholars with individualized mathematics instruction to ensure academic success and create mathematical thinkers and problem-solvers. Our current sixth through eighth graders receive daily ability-based small group mathematics instruction to help meet their individual needs.


CASSA scholars learn the Earth, Space, and Life Science standards through Harcourt Science for early kindergarten through second grade, Scott Foresman Science for third through fifth grade, and Prentice Hall Science Explorer for sixth through eighth grade. Scholars work through lessons using the scientific method, critical thinking activities, and hands-on learning.

Social Studies

CASSA scholars in early kindergarten through fifth grade learn Social Studies through the one of a kind Paragon curriculum. Paragon teaches scholars by having them experience different cultures around the world including the arts and music of each culture. Sixth and seventh graders learn world history with Pearson’s World Studies and History of our World curriculum. Eighth graders discover America’s past with The American Journey Early Years curriculum. All CASSA scholars concentrate on a specific character trait each month during their Paragon/Social Studies class to connect their learning with the CASSA culture.

Specialty Subjects

Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy offers daily arts experiences for the scholars. Scholars participate in art, music, and dance. CASSA’s enrichment classes expand learning beyond the core academic content areas.


Throughout the school year, CASSA scholars create beautiful art projects which are displayed throughout the building. Scholars study the arts in the cultures of the Paragon curriculum, the history of different artists, art styles, and art based on student interest. CASSA scholars show their artistic talents through their recreations of famous paintings, drawings, pottery, and sculptures.


Scholars experience music education at CASSA. Scholars learn music theory; history; how to read, write music, and how to perform vocally and instrumentally. CASSA scholars look forward to showing off their musical talents in scheduled performances.


CASSA takes pride in offering scholars dance classes. Scholars receive introductory lessons in a variety of genres, such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater. CASSA scholars end each school year by combining all their knowledge to create a group dance routine to perform.